About Nautilo

For a safer navigation

Nautilo offers advanced solutions in marine electronics for yachting, commercials and Defense. The products widely experienced in the harvest sea conditions ensure their reputation for outstanding performance and reliability. The products we offer are present on all types of boats, leasure boats, ocean racing yachts or fishing vessels, superyachts or ferries and large cargo ships, all these vessels that are navigating in the warm  Caribbean seas and in the icy polar regions as well.

Our commitment to innovation, research and continuous development guarantee of constantly improving of our products to meet the needs of our most demanding customers. The extensive network of resellers in more than 150 countries and the training provided to them provide an excellent technical support on our products and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, whatever their destinations.

Découvrez notre vaste gamme de produits au fonctionnement intuitif pour vous offrir une navigation plus sure, pour que naviguer reste un plaisir.

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